Bridging With Youth Photo Gallery

First 4 Day YMUW– 6/16/2010
MDI’s Las Vegas Convention– 10/16/2009
Men’s Division Intl Convention in Las Vegas

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Glen Andrew Center Pics– 7/1/2008
Glen Andrew is a center for anyone from yourself on a vision quest to multiple communities coming together in a scenic wooded setting in Eureka Canyon between Watsonville / Corralitos and Summit Road, South if Hiway 17.
Leadership Summit– 6/28/2008
Leaders from 11 SF Greater Bay Area men, women and youth circles gather so they can learn and work together.
Community Camp of South Bay– 6/15/2008
Many folks from a variety of communities enjoying a village in the woods!
Father Son Brother– 6/1/2008
2007 Father Son Brother event pics from 2007 event
Glen Andrew Contributions– 5/28/2008
DQs Moms– 5/15/2008
My wife’s family gather each year, July 21st to memorialize their mom. 2008 marked the 24th year. Babe had 6 kids and had the 4th generation present.
Her kids tribute is at pic ~52
The 4th generation created on their own tribute with one of the roses at pic ~99
Many other family pics, too.
Folks Contrib to Glen Andrew– 5/5/2008
Folks have helped cut wood on our saw mill from trees on the property and created a sacred circle of totems
IntoTheStorm Team Away– 5/2/2008
Cole’s mens team away to deepen relationships and more.
Coles family: Ellie’s 96th Bday; Hannah’– 5/1/2008
Some pics of Cole’s family: His elders -- Aunt Ellie’s 96th Bday and niece Hannah’s 10th anniversary of being free of Leukemia as a 16 yr old -- catch it early and live a full life! Thx to my sis, Chris, her mom for seeing very early signs!! With dad Bill and Hannah’s older sis Jessica for big time support!